PLC330-G2 4-axis stepper driver 3А/30В

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4-x stepper driver 3А/30В each. Main features: сonnection to PC: LPT; 2 relay (7A/220V); microstep 2/8/16; 5 optoisolated inputs; timer on relay; PWM->V converter. 

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PLC330-G2 is a microstepping multichannel driver of stepper motor control. The module allows to control 4 machine axes using LPT-port. The driver has inbuilt coil short-circuit protection, back EMF effect protection. The multichannel driver supports control of frequency converter from PWN signal of a controlling program and has inbuilt regulated timer for control of a coolant pump. The module has 5 inputs for limit sensors or E-STOP button connection. The device is optimal for control of bipolar and unipolar stepper motors (Nema 23 Nema34 series).

PLC330-G2 4-x stepper driver