PLD545 Stepper driver 45V/5A/320kHz.

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Stepper driver 45V/5A/320kHz. STEP/DIR/ENABLE; Microstepping 4/8/16/32; Main features : Antiresonance, morphing, short circuit protection; damper inside; soft start; overheat protection; test STEP generator.

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PLD545 is an available microstepping stepper motor driver. The driver has inbuilt coil short-circuit protection, back EMF effect protection, inbuilt automatic compensator of normal speed stepper motor resonance, modifications scheme of phase current. The driver works with standard control protocol STEP/DIR/ENABLE. The driver has discrete adjustment of working current. All driver control inputs are optoisolated and logic levels 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V compatible. The driver is AUTO-SLEEP mode supplied which is turned on when there is no STEP signal. The device is the optimal for control of bipolar and unipolar Purelogic R&D stepper motors (PL42/PL57 series) as well as other stepper motors.  

PLD545 Stepper driver