• Our company produces CNC machines with numerical control software. In the model range there are machines with a different machining field
  • We supply mechanical components for CNC machines and automation systems
  • There are electronic components for CNC machine creation
  • We offer ready-made sets of electronics and mechanics. for your CNC machine
  • We suggest using our experience and
  • our processing equipment for processing
  • various materials to expand the capabilities of your business


  • Electronic Components
  • Mechanical Components

    In this section you will find Mechanical Components for DIY CNC machines, non-standard equipment, as well as spare parts for replacement.

  • Tools
  • CNC Machines

    "CNC Engineering" SIA develops and manufactures milling machines with numerical control. Vertical milling CNC machine gantry type is designed for 2D ( cutting , shaping the contour, milling, coordinate drilling, engraving and so on.) and 3D processing of various materials - wood, plastic, PCB , non-ferrous metals .

  • Software

    Pumotix license

    We bring to your attention PureMotion 2.0 - an updated version of the CNC machine control system. PureMotion allows you to process products with precision accuracy and provides an operational solution for production tasks on modern equipment.

    The control system requires a PLCM-E3, PLCM-E1b or PLCM-E4 motion controller, a personal computer (desktop or laptop) with Windows OS and installed PureMotion software. License PureMotion 2.0 STANDARD perpetual - provided free of charge when purchasing PLCM controllers.

    Please note that CNC PureMotion software runs on all operating systems of the Windows family and has no problems when working on laptops. While the CNC software for Mach3 works only on obsolete versions of Windows, on an outdated PC and has many limitations when working on laptops.

  • Sport & rRecreation

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