1. Select in the Goods section the product you are interested in.
  2. Choose the desired size (length, diameter or model) of the product
  3. Select an additional set of goods (if offered) Always remember that buying goods with a related product is more beneficial than buying them separately
  4. Select quantity.
  5. Add to cart.
  6. Thus, add to the basket all the goods you are interested in.
  7. Click Checkout
  8. Then fill out the contact details, choose the method of payment and delivery (the page will contain the necessary tips)
  9. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase and time of delivery
  10. If you choose to pay through the bank, then your account will receive an Invoice, which you can pay. If you haven't received an invoice, please check your Spam folder. The ordered goods will be available immediately after the receipt of funds to our account
N.B. If for any reason you are unable to place an order on the store's website, then you can send a list of the goods you are interested in,  by e-mail admin@cnc1.lv, indicate the delivery method and your details. We will send you an invoice that you can pay

If you have any questions about the product or services, go to the Contact us section 

We wish you pleasant shopping.