CNC machines.

"CNC Engineering" SIA develops and manufactures CNC milling machines with numerical program control. Vertical milling machine of portal type with numerical program control is designed for 2D (cutting, contour processing, milling, coordinate drilling, engraving, etc.) and 3D processing of various materials - wood, plastic, textolite, non-ferrous metals.

Mechanical components.

We supply mechanical components for CNC machine tools and automation systems. Our company offers components of the leading manufacturers of Taiwan and China as well as its own production. We offer: ball screw drives (screws, ball screws, nuts, ball screw nuts, screws), and toothed belt drives (drive belts and pulleys). We offer components for linear movement: Cylindrical guides (polished hardened shafts, shaft bearings, linear bearings,), cylindrical rail guides, linear sliding ball bearings) and profile guides. We offer connecting elastic couplings, cable channels, standard solutions for your CNC machine in the form of ready-made sets of mechanical components.

Electronic components.

We offer CNC controllers, stepper motor drivers,
pulse power supplies, electrical limit switches and hardware control buttons.

Stepper motors.

Our company supplies stepper motors of various sizes.

Cutting tool.

cutters, engravers. collet, electric spindles with water and air cooling, frequency converters for spindle control

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