15mm x 30mm Internal Size 1M Cable Drag Chain

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15mm x 30mm Internal Size 1M Cable Drag Chain


Material  Strengthen Nylon
Length  102cm
Internal Size  15x30mm
External Size  20 x 39mm
Bending Radius  R38mm

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15mm x 30mm 1M Internal Size Cable Drag Chain

  • Inner dimensions: 15*30mm
  • Outer dimensions: 23*36mm
  • Bending radius: R38
  • -Reinforced nylon with high pressure and tensile load, good toughness, high elasticity and abrasion resistance, flame retardant,
  • high temperature stable performance, can be used outdoors, nylon towline content determines how much to use strength and
  • wear resistance and noise level up and running.
  • -Resistance to: oil, salt, and a certain acid, alkali capacity.
  • -Speed and acceleration (specific speed, acceleration, as the case may be running).
  • -Long operating life.
  • -Chain shape like gram chain link by a large number of units composed of freely rotating between links.
  • -Unit chain around the chain plate and the upper and lower cover plates, towline can open each section, easy assembly and
  • disassembly without threading, to the cable, tubing, pipe, pipe, etc. into the towline open the cover.
15mm x 30mm 1M Cable Drag Chain

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