PLC6x-G2 Breakout Board, up to 6 axis
  • PLC6x-G2 Breakout Board, up to 6 axis

PLC6x-G2 Breakout Board, up to 6 axis

  • BreakoutBoard, up to 6 axis (STEP, DIR, ENABLE)  for building a CNC machine.
  • Compatible with Mach3, PLCM, SmoothStepper, LinuxCNC, NCStudio, TurboCNC, and so on.
  • LPT connection,
  • 2 relays,
  • LPT port buffering,
  • PWM converter> voltage,
  • ChargePump,
  • E-Stop.


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PLC6x-G2 is a breakout board that allows you to turn your PC into a complete CNC control system. The board connects to the LPT port of the PC and broadcasts control signals from the LPT port to power drivers of stepper motors. The PLC6x-G2 module allows to control from 1 to 6 drivers of stepper / servo motors with STEP / DIR / ENABLE interface. All control signals coming from the LPT port of the PC pass through the current-intensifying buffer element (the current of each contact is amplified to a level of 10 mA). Buffering of all signals LPTporta (I / O) completely prevents the port from failing, the module can be connected to any port with a logic unit of 3.3-5V. The module has 6 optoisolated inputs for connecting limit switches and the E-STOP button. The board has terminal connectors and RJ-45 connectors for connection of limit switches, relay loads, supply voltage and SD drivers

PLC6x-G2 Breakout Board