PLCM-B1 Expansion board for PLCM-E3(E3p)

Within 1 - 12 hours
  • Expansion board for PLCM-E3(E3p)
  • Main features:
  • up to 6 axis (STEP, DIR, ENABLE);
  • 6 relay (7A/220V),
  • 16 outputs and 15 inputs (all optoisolated);
  • PWM->V converter.
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PLCM-B1 is a breakout board for CNC Ethernet/USB PLCM controller. It allows to involve optimal all inputs and outputs. Sockets are mounted on board for connection of 6 step/servo motor drivers, 15 optoisolated inputs, 16 optoisolated outputs, 6 high-current relays and frequency converter for electric spindle control. PLCM-B1 module allows to control up to 6 step/servo motor drivers (any with STEP/DIR/ENABLE interface). The module can be used for creation of such various X-Y-Z coordinate systems as the CNC machines, the label equipment, engraving, laser cutting, pick and place machines. The module supports operating with any step motor drivers and servo motor drivers of Purelogic R&D production, drivers of other manufactures.

PLCM-B1 Expansion board

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