THC 1 Torch Height Controller

Within 1 - 6 hours
  • Universal torch height controller with Ethernet and Up/down interface.
  • Can be used with any plasma cutter.
  • Has high-voltage and low-voltage ports .
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The sensor-center finder PLL005 is designed for
measurements before machining, to determine
coordinate of the workpiece, as well as to check the dimensions
finished parts on a milling machine with a numerical software
control (CNC). With its help you can search for the center
holes or blanks of any shape and production contact
The sensor has a high positioning accuracy,
Ability to work with blanks of wood, plastic and other
non-conductive materials, easy to use (not
adjustment is required, recalibration is easily performed
independently), has a light indication of operation,
Compatible with all CNC systems (Mach3, LinuxCNC and others).
Deviation of positioning, weapons in the manual
for use, refers to the product itself. When installing
products on other devices, the deviation
positioning devices on which settings are performed

THC 1 Torch Height Controller