THC 1 Torch Height Controller
  • THC 1 Torch Height Controller
  • THC 1 Torch Height Controller
  • THC 1 Torch Height Controller
  • THC 1 Torch Height Controller

THC 1 Torch Height Controller

  • Universal torch height controller with Ethernet and Up/down interface.
  • Can be used with any plasma cutter.
  • Has high-voltage and low-voltage ports .
  • Universal plasma torch height control module with Ethernet and UP / DOWN interface.
  • Compatible with PureMotion CNC software, Mach3 and PLCM CNC controllers.
  • The module is compatible with any plasma cutting systems, has both a high voltage 200V input and a low voltage 8V input.
  • Supply voltage 220V.
  • Includes controller module and divider module.

Contents of delivery:

  • THC1-M controller - 1 pc.
  • Divider module THC1-DV1 - 1pc.
  • Connection and configuration manual - 1 pc.
  • Ethernet cable - 2 pcs.


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The THC1 set is designed for automatic control of the cutting height in plasma cutting devices (APR). The set consists of two devices - a control module and a voltage divider module. Both devices are powered by ~ 220V mains voltage. (This solution allows the installation of the divider module in close proximity to the plasma source and eliminates the use of additional power supplies. The THC1-M measurement module is installed directly in the control cabinet of the CNC system. The modules are switched using a twisted pair cable with 8P8C connectors, see the pinout in Section 6). These devices have been thoroughly tested with Hypertherm APRs, which have a reputation for reliability and quality equipment. Most of them have special connectors for connecting THC units. Full tests were carried out with a PURM-180ma source. For correct work with plasma cutters from other manufacturers, you must make sure of the following: 1. They provide the ability to connect devices for automatic control of the cutting height; 2. The specified torch electrical output is the same as the THC input. In the event that the instructions for the plasma cutter do not indicate the possibility of connecting THC units or the parameters do not satisfy

THC 1 Torch Height Controller