DM542 Stepper Motor Driver Bi-polar 2 Phase 4.5A

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CNC Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Driver M542/DM542 Bi-polar 2 Phase 4.5A

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  • Suitable for 2-phase hybrid stepper motors (Outer diameter: 57,86mm)
  • H bridge bipolar constant phase flow subdivision driver
  • Speed self-adjustment technology
  • Easy current subdivision setting
  • TTL compatible and optically isolated input
  • Automatic idle-current reduction
  • Undervoltage, Shortvoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent protections
  • Technical Parameter:
  • Supply Voltage: DC24~50V
  • Output Current: 4.5A
  • Logic Input Current: 10-20mA
  • Chopping Frequency: 20 KHz
  • Cooling: Natural
  • Working Surrounding: Avoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gas
  • Working Temp: -15centigrade to 45centigrade
  • Model: M542/DM542
DM542 Driver 4.5A

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