MACH3 CNC 5-axis Breakout Board Adapter
  • MACH3 CNC 5-axis Breakout Board Adapter
  • MACH3 CNC 5-axis Breakout Board Adapter

MACH3 CNC 5-axis Breakout Board Adapter

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MACH3 CNC 5-axis Breakout Board Adapter

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Product Name: MACH3 interface board BV2
1, new products and that the appearance and size is similar to the original function has only added to the 5V and 12V output.
This paragraph2, the upgraded new constant prices, better features, there are three relays can be used, you can use up to six axes.
First, the scope
For numerical control software the MACH3 the host computer and peripheral power control signal transfer and processing.
Second, the characteristics
1, the output and input models by Philips dedicated high-speed chip processing, signal integer, zoom, in addition to the unnecessary interference signals. Operation of the machine more stable.
USB powered with external power supply. Power supply isolation. Computer and machining data is more secure
3, all of the input signal all the optical coupling isolation, of which P11, P12 port for high-speed optical coupling can be used to pick the spindle encoder, or handwheel A equivalent, strictly signal.
4, the ad hoc one off power relay of the power supply automatically when the computer shuts down, turn off all power of the engraving machine equipment.
5, has a relay switch coolant supply, support MACH3, G code programming (parallel port P3, G code M7 open, M9 off), switch lights on the relay. Convenient to determine the power supply off.
6, has a spindle-powered relay, MACH3, G code programming (parallel port P2 I, G code M3 open, M5 off), switch lights on the relay. Convenient to determine the power supply off
7 for the parallel port on the spindle speed control: ad hoc high-speed optical coupling isolation, you can output the PWM signal, the output port P1.
This interface board has a PWM converted to 0-10V digital-analog conversion circuit. Output 0-10V level to control there is only analog speed control inverter to control the spindle speed. The output for the parallel port P1.
9, the interface board can be connected to a common cathode or positive output to the stepper drives, servo drives. The output of the 5V level.
10, wide supply voltage can be 12V or 16-35V two groups choose a set of power supply. Power input the anti-reverse design.3, the board in the power input in two ways
One is 16-32V input (the design of anti-reverse function)
There is also a group of 5V is taken from the USB port, which means that the interface board in this paragraph must be connected a USB cable to make it work. (Our ship is equipped with a USB cable). Because to do isolation protection function, so these two parts of the supply voltage must be with the USB supply voltage is relatively independent of the job


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