PLCS6x Breakout Board, up to 6 axis
  • PLCS6x Breakout Board, up to 6 axis
  • PLCS6x Breakout Board, up to 6 axis

PLCS6x Breakout Board, up to 6 axis

  • Nomenclature type:
  • Expansion and switching boards
  • Total weight, kg: 0.15
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 218x72x20
  • Supply voltage, V: 12
  • Number of inputs: 6
  • Number of Outlets: 2
  • Power consumption, W: 3
  • Number of axles supported: 6
  • Connection type: LPT
  • Number of power outputs: 2
  • Coolant timer: Yes



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ShD / SD driver commutation board with digital filter-multiplier for 6 axes for building CNC machine tool. Compatible with PUMOTIX. The digital filter multiplier can solve two problems. Eliminates the uneven generation of STEP signals by the CNC program (Mach3 / 4, LinuxCNC, NCStudio, TurboCNC, etc.) through the LPT port and allows you to multiply the low frequency of STEP signals (Mach3 ~ 25kHz) up to 300kHz. LPT connection, 2 relays, LPT port buffering, coolant timer, PWM> voltage converter, ChargePump, E-Stop, opto inputs, isolated DC / DC converter for powering sensors and limit switches. Possibility of mounting on a DIN rail is provided.

PLCS6x Breakout Board